Animal life care

A voice towards the service of the voiceless.


We are a charity. As said, we are a non-profit organization.

We are an upcoming NGO whose aim is to treat and care for the speechless (the wildlife). As of now, we are working only in Ahmedabad but seeking to expand in the near future. You can call us at any place in Ahmedabad whenever you see an animal/bird in need of help and we shall be there.

Some of the works that we are conducting are as follow:

  • Socializing Animal
  • Training and behaviour modification
  • Transporting animals to Vet appointments and adoption events
  • Working in the shelter store

Support the dumb Animals and Birds

Support the dumb Animals and birds just by giving a little and be the savior for them.

Your little contribution for this noble course means a lot to us in terms of, providing rescuing activities upper most level.

It will be utilised in procurement of animal rescue related medicine , animal food shelter,petrol allowance for animal ambulance.It will be fully utilised for only animal rescuing activities.


We are there

We are always there to rescue injured birds and animals. No matter whatever the situation it is. Our official timing is 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. but in major cases, we are rescuing at night also.

We provide animal education awareness

Animal education is the first right of our people and Our priority is to ensure that every people is getting it. We are conducting Animal awareness program in School and college regarding snake rescue activities.

We remove hunger

We are providing 150 Roti every day to 62 dogs. And we are expanding this to maximum number of dogs. We need your support in providing fund for animal food.

We build houses

We provide the nest to birds(Sparrow house). We have provided 8000 Birds nest(Sparrow House) in last 10 year. And we are planning to provide 1 lakh Birds nest(Sparrow house) in the future.

We cure

We cure all the injured birds, animal, reptile, snake ,lizards. We also provide First Aid to injured Birds and Animal before reaching to animal hospital in a critical case. As we do not have any shelter house for animal. So we are conducting our Animal Rescue activities.

We rely on People

We rely on people in terms of funding for animal rescue activities. We have 80G REGISTERED in income tax department and we have also CSR REGISTERED certificate. We are looking forward major support from corporate house and also from the community for fund requirement.

Provide a helping hand

We can’t make it alone. We need your help. Your small help can bring a big change.

We need you and your help

It’s impossible to help people without people helping others. We always need volunteer who love to help.
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